Lakeland Parrot & Bird-keepers Club
 A innovative, pro-active 'on-line' Bird Club based in the Lake District
but with Members all over the U.K.
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Welcome to the First  'On-line' Bird Club - We are growing well as a Club with a lot of new members from all over the U.K.

We have welcomed members from the very top of Scotland right down into Somerset,
Oxford and as far down as Cornwall.

I have just finished writing the first of the Bird-keeping booklets -
Keeping and Breeding Green-cheek Conures" - It is selling really well, I'm pleased to say!!
- I have written the booklet from a Bird-keepers point of view with lots of personal observations as to their likes, dislikes and habits both in and out of the Breeding Season.  There are also a couple of Breeding Charts in the booklet, which will prove very useful to the G-Cheek Breeder.

You can buy the booklet via Paypal or send a cheque and I will post it to you. 
The link to the Booklet page is down the left side of this page.

Don't forget to have a look at the Breeding Charts - this can be printed out and used to keep a record of your pairs of birds, when they lay each egg, when it's due to hatch and info right up to Fledge  Breeding Charts

There are also printable Lineage charts and a Hatch Certificate. Links on Home page.

I hope all you breeders out there have remembered to order your Bird Rings - there is
a page on the website with sizes for each breed of bird and also contact details of
companies who specialise in Bird Rings and DNA. 
Links left column on Home page.

If anyone has any birdie information they would like to share on the Members' pages with their fellow club members - please email me

I get quite a lot of emails via the Free Advice Line asking for help with Birdie problems.
I have taken a selection + the Advice that was given and put them on separate pages.
I will always respect the anonymity of anyone who sends in a problem. 

Click  Link to Advice Q + A in left blue column.

8th June 2010
You will have noticed that we have a new Index Page for the WEbsite.  It has been created especially for the club by my eldest son, who's a Professional Graphic Designer.
I hope you all like it as much as I do.  It makes the Club site look very professional too!

1st July 2010
We launched the "Club" via a News Editorial in Cage and Aviary - the response has been fantastic - which proves once again that we made the right decision in forming this
"On-line" Club - it seems to be just what the Bird-keeping Public have been waiting for.

COMMENTS Re: the club and Website:

" I love the new front page on web site - it gets better each time I go on well done!"

"Hello Babs
Congratulations on your new web site club it is just what is needed some thing different to other bird sites".

"I wish to become a member of your online Bird Club. I congratulate all concerned for your wonderful idea and wish it all the best of success. The home page is a cracking design".

"Yeah I'm extremely surprised by it, an Online Bird Club is what I was looking for. I'm not into all the shows and meetings"

My interests are Belgian Waterslager canaries. The distances across our country (U.S.A.)
 leave most breeders isolated with two clubs on the west coast. The rest get a newsletter, and are realistically prohibited from having their songsters judged. Out of 60+members, maybe 6 attend the annual show. I recorded mine on a DVD last year and sent to several judges with very good results. What I am exploring is similar to your very fine on line club. Members could anonymously post 10 minutes song sample to the site to be reviewed by judges and other members. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.


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