Lakeland Parrot & Bird-keepers Club
 A innovative, pro-active 'on-line' Group of Bird-keepers,  based in the Lake District
but with Members all over the U.K.
just waiting for YOU to join them.

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Welcome to the First  'On-line' Group of Bird-keepers, created to work in conjunction with this new Website for the benefit of Bird owners and their birds.

We are aware that people like to be part of a 'Club' that is Pro-active and is there to help
if they have any birdie problems or queries or even if they would just like to chat with
like-minded people about birds.

A lot of people maybe don't have a Bird Club local to them but would still like to be a Member of one.  Our members are from all over the U.K.  They keep and breed just about every species of Cage and Aviary Bird you can think of - so there is a great wealth of knowledge to tap into, if anyone has specific problems they would like to discuss.

We have introduced a Members Avian Discussion FORUM. 
So that Members can post Birdie topics and questions plus engage in friendly discussions with other members.  We have now managed to LOCK the FORUM, so now only Registered Members can gain access.  Prior to locking it - Anyone could read what was written but just couldn't 'Post a Reply' - so this is now much better and Private.

If you would like to join our Club and benefit from FREE ADVERTISING for your Birds & Equipment for the duration of your Membership / On-line Discussion Forum for Birdie Topics/ Regular Newsletters & Emails / Free Advice Line on Bird-keeping/breeding problems or medical problems  (we have an Hon. Avian Vet available for medical queries).

All this for only 7 per year (13p per week) 12 JOINT Membership - then we are the Club for you.  JOIN US NOW!!

. .  Lots of you already have and our Membership is growing at a fantastic rate esp. considering we are still a very young Club.  We are only 10 weeks old at beginning
of June but already have a massive following. Members know what they want and are
finding it with our Club. You don't know what you are missing  - join us NOW to find out!!!!

You can print out a Membership Form, fill it in manually then post it to me with a cheque  + S.A.E. to receive your personal Membership Card.

or you can fill in an 'on-line' Membership Form and pay via PayPal, then I will send you your Membership Card via Email, so you can print it out yourself.

As the site and Club progresses so will the News & Information pages. 
This is also a good way for Members to post messages to other members or give us information on Tips and Hints they may feel would be useful to other Members or anything else you may feel you would like to share with other Bird-keepers - just emai
l me.

This section is for the use of members - so feel free to use it .. . . .

We are open to ideas and thoughts. . . . .

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