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I have a problem with a pair Fife canaries - she will hatch her chicks and after about a week she stops feeding them and over night &  lets them die - any ideas?? - cheers
(The pair have done this twice) 

Usually if birds have a problem feeding chicks it's with the younger chicks soon after hatch - they tend to improve as the chick's feed response gets stronger, as they get older.
So for canary chicks to get to a week old b4 she stops feeding them, something must have happened.
The only thing I can think is that the chicks are maybe getting chilled (for whatever reason - maybe overnight, if the hen has had a night-fright and come off the nest??)
When chicks get chilled their feed response degenerates and becomes weaker and digestive system slows down, which can be a knock-on effect. i.e. if the chicks aren't begging for food quite as vigorously then the hen isn't stimulated to feed.

(If anyone has any other thoughts on the above problem that they can offer this member  -
   Please Email me )

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