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"Congratulations on your new "web site club" it is just what is needed, something
different to other bird sites".

(this was sent in by a Member to share with other members)

The best way to breed Bengalese is in a cage

  • minimum cage size is 18inchs x 12inchs wide x 15inchs high 
  • in one side you need to put a dish with a bird grit or oyster shell grit
    a dish of foreign finch seed, a cuttlefish bone lodge between front cage wire
  • put a cage front drinker on
  • hang a nest box on the front of the cage with coconut fibre
  • How to sex your Bengalese:
    • Very simple - the Cockbirds "sing" and the hens don't!
  • Once you have sexed a pair - you can put them in their cages
    • Feed Egg food every day to help protein levels prior to producing Eggs
    • Once they have laid eggs - just seed and water while hen is sitting
    • Once Chicks hatch - give egg food x2 per day
    • within 10 days you should see your first egg
    • after 20 days you should have chicks
    • at 17 day you can start ring them up to they come out of the nest
    • this is for aviary birds
  • For show birds 
    • ring at 17 days
    • 6 weeks after they hatch you can take them away from their  parents
      as the hen will start laying again.
    • Once you have removed the Chicks from parents continue Egg-food x2 p. day
    • the parents can go back to getting Egg food once per day until they have a new clutch of chicks.
  • If you want to show your Bengalese join your local club and show at your club show 
  • If you wont to show at N.B.F.A show then join the club and as a novice
  • I would buy 3 pairs of self chocolate and 3 pairs of dilutes
  • breed them and ring them with N.B.F.A rings and show your own breed birds as these colours are the easiest to make a mach pair for showing

    Click here to go to Bengies Breeding Charts (print-out - using Landscape Setting on Printer)

    Best Regards
    John (Bengalese Breeder and Exhibitor)

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