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Maybe It would be a good idea to share this important information with other club members.
A friend of mine once owned a Cockatoo that suffered a tragic death. 
One day he returned home to discover one of his Cockatoos had become entangled in a rope toy. 
Like many pet bird owners his parrot cage contained several colourful rope toys. 
These toys do entertain our birds and give birds hours of pleasure. 
However beware If not managed In the correct manner they can be deadly! 
As your bird plays with the toy you will find that the tightly woven rope strands become worn. Itís very important to regularly trim any excess cotton strain away. Like my friends Cockatoo, birds can very easily get their feet or head tangled in loose untrimmed rope thread.
Regular trimming will reduce the risk of this happening to your birds.
Click here: rope

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