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Lakeland & Vets Bird-keeping Evening Cockermouth (20.8.10)

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LAKELAND Parrot & Bird-keepers held their first Local Event
on Friday 20th August at 7:30pm
in the Rampant Bull in Mitchells Auction Rooms, Cockermouth, Cumbria.
The Evening was a fantastic success and very well attended by Bird Lovers from all over Cumbria and as far down as Blackpool.  We put on a FREE BUFFET and would like to thank our Catering lady for some lovely food + welcome cups of tea and coffee also alchoholic and soft drinks from the Bar. It was all greatly appreciated and we apologise for running on so late - it was just so popular!  
I would like to thank our supporters: Haiths seeds, WCF, Pets at Home (Workington Branch), Pets Central, Kevin Pape Corn Stores and Millcroft Vets.  
We gained quite a few new members on the night too - so that was a bonus!!

  • We had 5 Speakers:

    John Gregg on Fancy Show Pigeons (ably assisted  by fellow "Fanciers" Mark and Billy) he brought a wide Selection  of pigeons with him, including some very interesting and unusual  varieties.  The audience loved them and were absolutely fascinated at the  different sizes and shapes!

  • Carl Bell
    spoke on Egg  incubation, Hand-rearing and teaching your Pet Parrot how to "Step-up"  correctly and safely.  It was a fascinating, interesting Talk with  lots of useful information and hands-on demonstrations.  He brought 2  baby A.Greys with him.  He showed how to feed with both babies with a  spoon and a syringe and talked about pros and cons of each method.  A  Junior Club member had the opportunity of holding one baby while Carl fed the  other - which was an added bonus!

  • Paul Harrison
    gave a Talk on his stud of Norwich  Canaries and British Birds.  He told how he discovered he had Ornithosis  in his Stud, what he did about it and how difficult it was to erradicate it  completely.  He did all this with the help of his Avian Vet, Vicki Temple  of Millcroft Vets  (Our co-presenter of this Bird-keeping  evening).  Paul then went onto breed 290 youngsters this year, showing  how knowledge, correct treatment and tenacity paid off.  He was very  knowledgeable on his subject and very interesting too.

  • Finally
    Vicki Temple - Avian Vet - spoke on  D.I.S. (Dead in Shell) and other Breeding problems that may  be encountered during a breeding season.  Her Powerpoint Display was  very informative and with the use of clever cartoons with witty captions,  she got the message across about a lot of reasons for clear eggs, Dead in  shell and poor breeding results in general.