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  • Tel/fax:  01623 846 430  

     Website:   www.rosemarylow.co.uk

    Rosemary Low,  Dept 12,  P.O.Box 100,
    Mansfield, Notts NG20 9NZ,  UK  

    Please e-mail for details of overseas postage
    Sorry no credit cards 

     Please make cheques payable to "Rosemary Low"
     All books signed and dedicated  - on request  

Why Does my Parrot  . . . ?

Cockatoos in Aviculture Amazon Parrots What the Parrot told Alice
Parrot Breeding Fabulous Feathers Remarkable Birds Encyclopedia
of Lories
The Parrot Companion

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  Pyhurrha Parakeets

Publication Date 2nd Oct 2013

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 Go West for Parrots!
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A Century of Parrots

"What the Parrot told Alice" (see below)

This wonderful children's book deserves
attention. It introduces young people (and even adults love it!) to parrot conservation. 
The story is so enjoyable!

Price £7.50 post paid





Parrots & Finches: healthy nutrition
176 pages, 45 colour photos. Price £13.95.  Post-free in UK until December 31 2012 
Thereafter £15.95.

Rosemary Low has more than 50 years of keeping birds in her own aviaries and as curator of Loro Parque Tenerife, and Palmitos Park
Gran Canaria. She is the author of more than
20 books on parrots. Concerned at the early deaths of many birds in aviculture due to inadequate nutrition, this book is the result.
It explains the nutrients contained in the various types of foods our birds receive. It describes how to collect and grow foods whose living enzymes provide vital nutrients not found in seeds and pellets. The emphasis is firmly on prevention of dietary deficiencies and adding enjoyment to our birds
lives with a varied and interesting diet.   Amazingly, it is the first ever book on the subject.

Chapters include:

  • D     Seeds and their nutrient

  •        Natures harvest

  •        Grow your own!

  •        Cultivated fruits, vegetables and flowers

  •        Protein

  •        Rearing foods

  •        Soaking and sprouting\

  •           Calcium and other minerals and much, much more, including Suggested Diets for many groups of parrots and finches.

             Rosemary Low – Published books
       Rosemary Low has published more books and articles
                 on Parrots than anyone -- alive or dead!

  • Aviary birds.  * Arco, 1968.

  • The parrots of South America.  *Gifford, 1972.

  • Care for your budgerigar. * Mason, 1973

  • Beginner's guide to birdkeeping.
    London: Pelham Books, 1974.

  • Mynah Birds.*  Bartholomew, 1976

  • Lories and lorikeets. * Elek, 1977.

  • How to keep parrots, cockatiels and macaws in cage or aviary. * Bartholomew, 1980.

  • Parrots : Their care and breeding * Blandford, 1980. Blandford, 1986 Revised and enlarged edition
    Blandford, 1991 Third edition

  • Amazon parrots (paintings: Elisabeth Butterworth, text Rosemary Low), Basilisk 1983

  • Endangered parrots. * Blandford, 1984
    Blandford, 1994 Revised edition

  • Keeping parrots. * Blandford, 1985.

  • Parrots and related birds. * Hamlyn, 1986.

  • Hand-rearing parrots and other birds. * Blandford, 1987. Blandford, 1991 Revised edition

  • Parrots : a complete guide. * Merehurst, 1988.

  • Macaws : a complete guide. * Merehurst, 1990.

  • Parrots in aviculture: a photo reference guide.
    Blandford, 1992.

  • Cockatoos in avicultureBlandford Press, 1993 
    Hampshire Breeders and Books, 2003, revised edition 

  • Parrot quiz book no.1. Insignis, 1997

  • Hancock House Encyclopedia of the lories.
    Hancock House, 1998.

  • Why does my parrot...?
    Souvenir, 2000. Souvenir, 2009, revised edition, paperback

  • The loving care of pet parrots.
    Hancock House Publishers, Canada 2000

  • Pionus Parrots. * Dona Publications, Czech Republic, 2002.

  • Fabulous feathers, remarkable birds.
    nsignis Publications, 2003.

  • Caiques   * Dona Publications Czech Republic, 2003

  • Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, trade and conservation. Insignis Publications, 2005

  • The parrot companion. New Holland Publishers, 2006

  • Guide to Grey Parrots. Australian Birdkeeper, 2006

  • A century of Parrots. Insignis Publications, 2007

  • Go West for Parrots  Insignis Publications, 2009

 * Out of print
     but most titles can be found by searching the internet






      PARROT BOOKS  by Rosemary Low

Highly acclaimed book.  Parrot behaviour demystified. Problems encountered by pet owners, their causes, prevention and, where possible, their eradication Actual cases are related, 208 pages  New Edition March 2009  Only £11.50 post paid

A CENTURY of PARROTS (published February 2007)
rofusely illustrated (300 photographs). A unique book that relates the history of parrots in the 20th century.  290 pages, large format.  £16.75 plus £3 postage 
"One of the most readable books I have picked up in a long time”. Review in Cage &Aviary Birds.
“A page-turning story… a wealth of fascinating details”.
Review in Parrots.
“A must for all aviculturists with an interest in parrot aviculture or conservation”
Warwick Remington, Australian Aviculture.

The Parrot Companion  (published October 2006) 
192 pages, 156 colour photos – all about parrots in the home
This book will encourage serious thought and evaluation before any prospective pet parrot keepers dive in at the deep end.” 
Review in Cage & Aviary Birds. Soft cover  £14.75 post paid

Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, Trade and Conservation
320 pages, 170 colour photographs, plus maps.      
Hardback  £26 post paid
“Full of anecdotes and advice stemming from over 40 years of personal experience”Sam Whitbread, Zoo Grapevine.

The first and only book on these popular little parrots.
Covers pets, breeding and life in the wild. 24 photos in colour.   
86 pages  Soft cover £12.95   post paid

Keep all the records for your birds under one cover or as handy reference before transferring to computer. Pages to record: current stock list, records of breeding pairs, running list of chicks hatched, birds bought, sold. A table lists 150 parrot species, with incubation periods, clutch sizes, ring sizes, usual age at ringing and age at fledging.  
96 pages   Laminated cover   £10.95 post paid

** SPECIAL OFFER (see Offer to users of this WEbsite below)
Buy any book and receive this register for only £6 post paid.

he perfect present for the parrot enthusiast!   54 quizzes arranged in three sections, each one more challenging than the last. Each quiz contains 12 questions from
13 categories; photo quiz and specialist quizzes.
Ideal for club meetings.
96 pages  Paperback    £5.95 post paid

The largest study by one person of a single group of parrots ever published. Covers aviculture, natural history and conservation.  Exceptionally detailed species accounts. 
432 pages 180 colour photos Hardback  £48.50 post paid UK

Where and how to purchase and sex birds, how to introduce male and female, nest-box sizes, etc. Events during the laying, rearing and fledging periods are described, and how
to deal with problems. Sixty colour photographs.

160 pages Soft cover   £16.95 post paid

COCKATOOS IN AVICULTURE   revised edition 2003
Comprehensive information for breeders and pet bird owners.  270 pages, numerous black and white and colour photos. Paperback    £17.95 post paid

Stories from around the world to fascinate bird lovers. 370 pages, more than 100 black and white photos, plus colour.
Soft cover  £12.75 post paid

IDEAL PRESENT FOR ANY BIRD LOVER -  Don Merton, saviour of the Kakapo, said of this book:
absolutely amazing. I have learned lots. What a wealth
of knowledge and experience!”

Rosemary Low presents the Amazon monograph
to Terry Spilman of the Amazona Society.


Rare Monograph raises funds for the Amazona Society

The Conservation Fund of the Amazona Society was given a boost recently when Rosemary Low donated a copy of her book Monograph of the Amazon Parrots, a rare fine art book published in 1983. The exquisite paintings by acclaimed artist Elizabeth Butterworth make this a sought after book -- and the sum of £750 was raised. In the past year the Amazona Society donated more than £1,000 to Amazon conservation projects.
For more information on the society and the projects supported  visit    


Notts Parrot Club

  • Venue: Shirebrook Village Hall, Park Road, Shirebrook
    (border of Notts and Derbyshire), 
  • Everyone welcome on payment of £1 on the door. 
  •  Notts Parrot Club meets on the last Monday of every month, except August.
  • Parrot books, foods and toys available.
  • Further information from Rosemary, tel 01623 846430


 The verges are full of seeding dock. This is a wonderful health-food for parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, finches and just about every species that eats seed -- and some others! Currently my Goldie's Lorikeets (see photo) are feeding their tiny chicks on green dock. Some species like it when the seeds are maturing, turning an orange-pink colour. Dock is everywhere. Just go out and get some!

Lory eating Dock Seeds                
   Patch of Doc

An exclusive offer to our Website users.
Anyone who sends Rosemary Low a cheque or postal order for £3 - to cover postage
(it's quite heavy!)  Will receive a copy of her
  Parrot Breeding Register - FREE.
It is so important at this time of year to note down events & ring numbers, even if you do keep records on your computer. Keep the register in the Bird-room for instant recording.
It is useful for all species of birds.

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