Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures): Aviculture, Natural History, Conservation

262 pages, 70 colour photos, 20 maps.

Publication: October 2nd 2013. £21.95 plus postage £3.65 UK   (£7.40 Europe)

Rosemary Low’s passionate interest in these fascinating parakeets is evident on almost
every page. In the avicultural chapters she emphasises aspects that improve their quality of life: spacious accommodation (they need to fly!), a varied diet including many foods gathered from the wild, and avoiding over-breeding for the pet trade.
The chapters on conservation show her concern for their survival (11 of the approximately 30 species are of conservation concern) and describes what is being done to save them from extinction.

She writes: Just because Pyrrhuras are small parrots, it does not mean that they are any less sentient than large parrots like macaws. In fact, they are highly intelligent. If you live closely with them and come to know an individual, its likes, its fears, and its need to fly, you will be amazed that such a small bird can have such a strong personality.

The most comprehensive treatise on the genus published in any language, resulting from more than
30 years’ experience of breeding them, plus observing them in the wild in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,
Ecuador and Panama.

A "must" for all Green-cheeked Conure and other Pyrrhura lovers!

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