A Century of Parrots

What the reviewers said:

Anyone who has been involved in aviculture will find this book engrossing. A great strength of the narrative is that Rosemary knows many of the personalities involved. This lets her bring an intimacy to the portraits of the people she is writing about… Her great affection for and understanding of parrots shine throughout the book, which reflects her overwhelming concern for their future. You are left with the conclusion that parrot conservation needs people with Rosemary Low’s commitment and knowledge… This is one of the most readable books I have picked up in a long time. – David Alderton, Cage & Aviary Birds, July 5 2007

This new publication by Rosemary Low provided me with hours of very informative reading on the history of aviculture. Never before has an author brought together such a wide array of information about the early days of our hobby. – Warwick Remington, Australian Aviculture, July 2007.

It is a page-turning story in spite of the poignancy of so much of what she reports. She has experienced this dramatic period in parrot history from a number of different angles, pet-keeper, curator of parrot collections, traveller to the tropics, narrator and conservationist, therefore what she has to say needs to be taken seriously… Low has unearthed a wealth of fascinating details about the early collectors, private individuals and zoos... – Dot Schwarz, Parrots magazine, April 2007.

Una obra escrita con una claridad y una concision admirables, llena de ilustraciones, rica en anécdotas y sumamente entretenida. (A work written with an admirable clarity and concision, full of illustrations, rich in anecdotes and extremely entertaining.) F. Lapuerta, Hablemos de Loros, April-May 2007.

This book is a treasury of information, and therefore a treasure. It is packed with fascinating and useful facts and anecdotes much of which could only be obtained through the extensive personal experience of Rosemary Low. It combines the Author's unique blend of facts about psittacines, and compassion for their welfare. It provides both older (little known) and up-to-date facts, all of which are still relevant today. If you are captivated by parrots, you'll be fascinated by this book. Stewart Metz, The Indonesian Parrot Project, July, 2007. 


An appreciative reader:

What I especially like about this book is that Rosemary Low always puts parrots in the centre and looks at things from their perspective. Andrea Shaw (Switzerland).