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November Snow photos
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Below are a few of  the first Snow Photos taken by some of our Members (click on pic to enlarge) SEND in YOURS NOW . . .

Reiner's Garden - Dorset

Reiner's Bourkes in Aviary- Dorset

Reiner's Red-headed Parrot Finches

Reiner's Birds - Dorset

Reiner's Birds - Dorset

Reiner's Birds Bathing - Dorset

ParrotGraham's Garden - Leicestershire

Wingsofamum First Snows-PrestonPans, Scotland.

Canada Geese+Sheep_Lake District

Lake District Robin

Tequilla (Pineapple Conure) watching wild Birds on bird table in the Lake District

Lake District Aviaries with Guard "Owl" to keep the Sparrow Hawks away!!

Lake District wild bird looking for food

Kalasmam's Garden Birds- Moray Firth

Kalasmam's Garden Birds - Moray Firth

Kalasmam's Garden Birds - Moray Firth

Kalasmam's Garden Birds - Moray Firth

Snow in Macduff, Scotland

Shaun's SNOW in Banfshire,Scotland

Shaun's SNOW in Banfshire,Scotland

Just pleased our Snow isn't this deep!!

Still more SNOW Forecast too!!

Unbelievable depth of Snow for November!

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