A list of CITES Annex “A” Psittacines
All these birds need the correct DEFRA paperwork b4 to own them
also before you can sell them.

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Blue Throated Macaw
© Photo by bjh

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Scarlet Macaws   
© Photo by bjh   

      COCKATOOS                                                                     Loriidae :  Lories and Lorikeets
Goffins Cockatoo Cacatua Goffini Red and Blue lorikeet Eos histrio
Red Vented Cockatoo Cacatua Haematuropygia Blue/Ultra Marine Lorikeet Vini ultramarina
Mullocan/Salmon Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Moluccensis
Lesser Sulphur Crested Cacatua Sulphurea
Abbots Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Abbotti
Timor Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Parvula
Citron Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Citrinocristata
Palm Cockatoo Probosciger Aterrimus

 Psittacidae : Amazons, Macaws, Parakeets and Parrots
Amazona Arausiaca . Red Necked Amazon
Amazona Barbadensis Yellow Shouldered Amazon
Amazona Brasiliensis Red Tailed Amazon
Amazona Finschi Lilac Crowned Amazon
Amazona Guildingii St Vincents Amazon
Amazona Imperialis Imperial Amazon
Amazona Leucocephala Cuban Amazon
Amazona Ochrocephala Sub Species Double Yellow Headed Amazon Auropalliata
Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus Hyacinth Macaw
Anodorhynchus Leari Lears Macaw
Anodorhynchus Glaucus Glaucous Macaw
Amazona Ochrocephala Belizensis Sub Species Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Amazona Ochrocephala Caribaea Sub Species Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Amazona Ochrocephala Oratrix double yellow headed amazon
Amazona Ochrocephala Parvipes sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona Ochrocephala Tresmariae sub species double yellow headed amazon
Amazona Pretrei . Red Specticled Amazon
Amazona Rhodocorytha Red Browed Amazon
Amazona Tucumana Tucuman Parrot
Amazona Versicolor St Lucia Amazon
Amazona Vinacea Vinaceous Amazon
Amazona Viridigenalis Green Cheeked Amazon
Amazona Vittata Puerto Rican Amazon
Ara Ambigua Great Green Macaw
Ara Glaucogularis (formerly known as Caninde Macaw) Blue Throated Macaw (*see picture at top of page)
Ara macao Scarlet Macaw
Ara Maracana Illegers Macaw
Ara Militaris Military Macaw
Ara Rubrogenys Red Fronted Macaw
Cyanopsitta Spixii Spixs Macaw
Aratigea Guarouba Golden Conure
Cyanoramphus Forbesi Chatham Island/Forbes Yellow-fronted Parakeet
Cyanoramphus Novaezelandiae Norfolk Island Parakeet
Cyclopsitta Diophthalma Coxeni Coxens Double-eyed Fig Parrot
Eunymphicus Cornutus Horned Parakeet
Geopsittacus Occidentalis (possibly extinct) Night Parrot
Neophema Chrysogaster Orange-bellied Parakeet
Ognorhynchus Icterotis Yellow-eared Conure
Pezoporus Wallicus Ground Parrot
Pionopsitta Pileata Pileated/Red-capped Parrot
Propyrrhura Couloni Blue-headed Macaw
Propyrrhura Maracana Blue-winged Macaw
Psephotus Chrysopterygius Golden-shouldered Parrot
Psephotus Dissimilis Hooded Parrot
Psephotus Pulcherrimus (possibly extinct) Paradise Parakeet
Psittacula Echo Mauritius (Echo) Parakeet
Psittacula Krameri (Ghana) Ring-necked Parakeet
Pyrrhura Cruentata Blue-throated Conure
Rhynchopsitta Terrisi Maroon-fronted Parakeet
Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha.. Thick-billed Parrot
Strigops Habroptilus Kakapo

  All other Sulphur Crested Cockatoos such as the Greater, Medium, Fitzroy, Triton do NOT need paperwork for Trade 

Additional Guidance Notes for Parrot Breeders

  • A copy of Preferred Form for Breeding Records (Form GN5-Feb 00)
  • General Guidance Note For Importers and Exporters (Form GN1-Jan00)
  • Guidance Notes : Article 10 Application Form (FED1012)
  • Certificate Application Form (FED 1012-09/98 MSU)
  • Guidance Notes:- Import /Export /Re-Export Application Form (FED0172)
  • Import / Export / Re-Export Permit / Certificate Application Form (FED0172-05/97 DDP)
  • Charges for CITES Permits and any further queries on Buying, Keeping, Breeding and Selling CITES
    or EC listed Parrot Species (whether Dead or Alive) should be made to:-

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