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Lakeland Parrot & Bird-keepers Club
 A innovative, pro-active 'on-line' Bird Club based in the Lake District
but with Members all over the U.K.
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  • Contact Details

  • Kevin Pape, M&S Stores,

  • Wedgewood Road, Flimby, Cumbria CA15 8QU

  • Email:  helenpape@btinternet.com

  • Tel:    01900 816 819


A General Over-view of what we stock
We have a vast selection of Bird Seed at very competitive prices, possibly the cheapest around!!

  • Cage & Aviary Bird Seed

  • Pigeon Feeds

  • supplementary Feeds & supplements

  • Grit / Cuttlefish / iodine blocks / Millet Sprays

  • Egg-food

  • Hand-rearing Formula

  • Other Pet Feeds

  • Pet Bedding

  • Nesting Materials

  • Anti-mite/lice preparations

  • Wormers

Brands of Bird Seed we stock
If we don't stock the Brand you require
Let us know and we will try and get it in for you.

  • Bamfords

  • Versele Laga

  • Bucktons

  • TK Pigeon Condition mix

  • Haiths




Other PET Products we Stock

  • Dog & Cat Food

  • Bedding for Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs etc.,
    (inc. Easibed & Snowflake Wood Chip 20kg or smaller bags
    of locally produced small Wood chip ideal for Small "furries" beds, Nest-box substrate, Aviary Floors and Brooders)

  • Food for Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs etc.

Extra Information

  • We sell our Seed in big 15kg; 20kg & 25kg sacks
    (ideal for Aviary Bird-keepers/Breeders)

  • or you can buy small 1lb - 5lb bags
    (ideal for Pet Bird owners)

  • We specialise in Pigeon Feeds & carry a vast selection to suit all requirements

  • Pigeon Products are our speciality - we stock just about every feed and breeding product.  Also, vitamins and mite and lice repellents

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