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Terms & Conditions  
(without prejudice)

Lakeland Parrot & Bird-Keepers is an internet-based Sole-Trader Business.
(The Sale Days are run as an "Unincorporated Association").

For a fee of £7.50 the following services are provided to subscribers to the 'On-line Website'
for  the current year. . . .  FREE Advertising on the website; FREE Advice line; Regular ‘Club’ Newsletter + Emails and use of  Forum facilities.   
Our ' Year' ends on the 31st March each year

The Sole Proprietor of the Website and L.P.B-K. Subscribers  reserves the right to close the website and disband Lakeland Parrot & Bird-keepers  Subscription Group and Website at any time.

The proprietor reserves the right to make a profit from the website by means of sponsorship, advertising and joining fees etc.

We also reserve the rights to alter or remove any of the facilities/services offered as part of the Membership,
if  the occasion arises whereby it is no longer  feasible to continue with the offer.

By filling in the membership Forms  and joining the "On-line Website" you are "agreeing" to the above terms and conditions

Please also note that all the information on this website is provided
 in good faith but the Webmaster cannot be responsible for any mis-information wheresoever or howsoever provided.  All opinions, suggestions and Advice are also given with all good intentions and in good faith but if in doubt  should be verified as to their validity  prior to accepting./implementing.
 Any Medical Advice should NEVER take the place of consulting with your own Avian Vet.

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