Galah Chick Hatching out of an Egg
      The pictures look a bit gory and messy but this is the reality of a successful Hatch. 
This first sequence took 65 minutes from External Chip to Final Hatch.

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R1 : External chipping
 just starting.
Chipping away nicely You can just see the Chick's wing  ^ + >

> it's a  paler yellow.

DSC00291.JPG (38131 bytes) Egg. 6.jpg (40056 bytes) Egg. 7.jpg (42200 bytes) R2.shell.head.jpg (44197 bytes)
Waving it's wing 
- "testing the air"!?
Now the Head is out 1/2 the body has wriggled free - You can see it's Egg Tooth on the tip of its beak Now it's trying to get back into the Shell !
Chick. 2..jpg (40138 bytes) DSC00296.JPG (44344 bytes) Chick.5.jpg (46088 bytes) Chick. 4.jpg (48545 bytes)

Compare the size of the chick
with the 1/2 shell to see how tightly the chick squashed in.

This looks "gunky" and messy
but it's a first dropping - 
& a healthy hatch > >
It also is to do with the egg sac, which is what keeps the chick nourished in the shell.

Immediately after hatching covered with bits of shell.

Chick.6.jpg (55005 bytes) DSC00275.JPG (44869 bytes) DSC00276.JPG (45219 bytes) Newly hatched.galah.shell.R2.jpg (51863 bytes)

Looking more like a "Chick"
- less than 15mins after hatch. Still covered in bits of shell!

P3 : This is a different Chick and looks more bloody than the the
< < first one .

P3:  Chick > healthy hatch. Showing veins inside shell.

Another healthy hatch - note the green dropping

R2.shell.on.btm.jpg (46553 bytes) R2.sit.in.shell.jpg (48894 bytes) R2.sitting.shell.jpg (43286 bytes) R231.3.07.jst out.shell.jpg (46697 bytes)

R2 : Pictures above and below show yet another healthy Galah Chick during it's hatching process
 - note the jagged edges on the eggshell made by the "Egg Tooth" during it's escape from the shell.

R2.hatching.jpg (52343 bytes) R2.galah.31.3.07.jpg (52315 bytes) R2.jst.hatched.jpg (47026 bytes) Remember once your chick has hatched - if you are hand-rearing do NOT offer it's first Feed for at least 8-12 hours, as it needs to absorb what's left of its egg-sac b4 you feed.  You can create problems if you feed too soon!

Don't forget : Increase humidity to maximum and reduce Temp  0.5deg  
(as Chick needs extra moisture to help it turn in shell but it also generates heat while trying to get out of shell).

Egg.tooth.jpg (6697 bytes)

feeding.cups.jpg (11601 bytes)


The white mark on the tip of the beak is called the "Egg Tooth." This helps the chick break out thru the shell.

A handy tip to help keep your
H-rearing Food warm. Use 2
plastic flask cups - 1" hot water in bigger one- sit smaller one, containing feed, into bigger one.
  • ** The Egg Tooth is a dorsal process on top of the beak, 

  • which aids hatching and disappears soon after hatching.

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