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(Leucopsar rothschildi)
These birds inhabit monsoon forests and Acacia Savannas in Indonesia
They are approx 25 cm & weigh up to 90 g.
Bali starlings feed on all sorts of insects, most of all ants, termites and caterpillars. Fruits and seeds are part of their diet too. They prefer old woodpecker holes for their nests. Males tend to be very aggressive during the breeding season. Outside the breeding season Bali starlings previously lived in flocks consisting of up to 40 individuals. But the emphasis is on "previously" since the entire population living in the wild is less than 40 birds at the moment. The current population in  captivity  consists of about 700 birds.
The white plumage, black wings and the blue area around the eyes make the birds highly attractive                                                                     
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